Shumatt's Participation At Automechanika Shanghai

Shumatt's Participation At Automechanika Shanghai

Preparation for Automechanika Shanghai

From November 29 to December 2, 2023, Shumatt joined the annual Shanghai Automechanika exhibition at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. This year, the Automechanika Shanghai’s return attracted worldwild attention, as it was closed due to the epidemic for the last three years. And for this great reopen, Shumatt is waiting with excitement and expectation for this moment, and is fully prepared for it.

Positive Interaction with Customers at Automechanika Shanghai

The first two days of the Automechnika Shanghai exhibition were bustling. Shumatt manager Hison and Ruby led the team at the exhibition, all set to welcome our old friends and new customers. These efforts were not in vain as customers expressed high satisfaction.

At the booth, Shumatt anticipated the grandeur and made all necessary arrangements for visitors. Prepared wine, coffee, beer, whisky and special gifts to make visitors feel welcomed and comfortable.

In this happy atmosphere, Shumatt's team introduced product manuals, showed samples to customers. 

Live Broadcasts at Automechanika Shanghai

Live broadcast is also one of the great items that made Shumatt special at Automechanika. Shumatt has two anchors to introduce Shumatt's showcase products in English and Spanish in turn at the fair. Which provide a way to customers who couldn't make to visit the exhibition on site, and this action received good comment from our customers.

Information on Showcase Products at Automechanika Shanghai

Among all of the products that Shumatt brought to Automechanika Shanghai, 0445110 and 0445120 series injectors and injector spare parts,G2 and G3 series injectors and injector spare parts,CP1, CP2, HP3, HP4 and 320D series fuel pumps and pump spare parts are the most popular.  If you are also interested in them, please click on the link below to learn more information about them:


The Automechanika Shanghai was a remarkable experience filled with many highlights. The creative activities, the innovative product displays and interactive demonstrations. the team's expertise and passion were all factors that adding to the success of the event. Shumatt believes that after the exhibition, customers will have more faith in Shumatt's service and will build up more cooperation.