To Be Dealer

Looking for dealers, distributors, resellers. Are you the one?


What can you expect from SHUMATT ?


  • 1: R&D teams

  • 2: Original design, IP, patent, etc

  • 3: Promotional material, picture, video, infographics.

  • 4: Business development service and representative

  • 5: Wholesale price

  • 6: Exclusive stock reserved for you

  • 7: Good quality parts and accessories

  • 8: Same product warranty as the official



What do we expect from you?


  • 1: Appreciate SHUMATT company values and products.

  • 2: You should your own sales channels.

  • 3: Follow our price control policy, no "lowest price" sales pitch.

  • 4: Promote our brand and SHUMATT diesel fuel system spare parts actively.

  • 5: Help us to improve products by user's feedback, review or other experience.


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