Shumatt's Global Exhibition - Automechanika Istanbul 2023

Shumatt's Global Exhibition - Automechanika Istanbul 2023

Automechanika Istanbul 2023 Launch

The long-awaited Automechanika Istanbul 2023 finally opened on June 8 as scheduled. A total of 825 exhibitors from 28 countries came to Istanbul to participate in the event, including representatives from Shumatt.

Shumatt at Automechanika Istanbul 2023

Shumatt representatives, Ruby and Rebecca, arrived in Istanbul on June 5th. They took the opportunity to visit old customers who they had not seen for a long time due to the pandemic.

Automechanika Istanbul 2023 was the main reason for the visit of Shumatt representatives to Turkey. They arrived at the fair right on time on the morning of June 8th and noted that the exhibition site was crowded, with auto parts companies from many countries showcasing their products.

Shumatt's Impression at Automechanika Istanbul

Shumatt's customized banners, brochures, and packaging bags left a deep impression on customers and helped promote Shumatt's common rail auto parts products.

Meeting with Customers at Automechanika Istanbul

Shumatt's salespeople made appointments for customers who wanted to meet with Shumatt at Automechanika Istanbul and arranged their schedules in an orderly manner. They focused on discussing common rail 0445110,0445120,G2,G3 injectors and nozzles, and showed samples of the products to customers.

First Day Achievement and Future Plans

The achievement of Shumatt on the first day of the AUTOMECHANIKA exhibition was extraordinary, which gave the team more motivation for the next few days. Shumatt will visit Adana on June 9th - 10th and Ankara on June 11th. If you want to meet Shumatt, please contact them to get specific appointment information. We look forward to meeting you in Adana and Ankara.

Impressions and Future Plans After Automechanika Istanbul


Through conversations with customers and comparisons at the exhibition, Shumatt's old partners are more convinced about the quality of our products and expressed their intent to have more mature cooperation with Shumatt after the exhibition. Many new friends at the exhibition were attracted by Shumatt's products and consulted about cooperation details. Shumatt's representatives gave detailed introductions and looked forward to future win-win cooperation.


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