C7C9C-9 Injector Tool Instruction Manual

C7C9C-9 Injector Tool Instruction Manual

1. C7C9C-9 Injector Tool Usage

C7C9C-9 injector tools are economical, practical and durable. They quickly increase maintenance efficiency without damaging parts. They used to disassemble, repair and assemble the C7C9C-9 injectors, and provides maintenance parameters for operators to learn from.

2. C7C9C-9 Injector Tool Instructions

  • Injector Nozzle Nut Disassembly And Assembly Wrench

It is mainly used to remove the nozzle nut when it is too tight or difficult to loosen. If the nozzle nut cannot be loosened, place the nozzle nut on the platform and use a copper hammer to gently tap the threaded end and the small end of the nozzle nut. The tightening torque is 100 N/m when tightening the C7C9 injector nozzle nut

. When tightening the C-9 injector nozzle nut, the tightening torque is 80 N/m.

  • Injector Splint

It is mainly used to quickly clamp the injector with the help of ordinary bench vise.

  • Adapter

Install the injector assembly, diesel valve assembly and nozzle spring on the adapter according to the assembly sequence. Tighten them with the nozzle nut, and then test the turn-on pressure of the nozzle assembly. Test the speed of pressure relief, atomization status, whether there is dripping, whether the hole is blocked, whether it is stuck, etc. It is recommended to remove the oil seal and needle valve of the injector nozzle during testing.

The turn-on pressure of the C7C9 injector is about 220ba, and the turn-on pressure of the C-9 is about 160ba.

  • Piston Ring Installation Tools

Firstly, put the piston ring support ring on the guide sleeve, next put the guide sleeve on the convex end of the cleaned piston, then put the thrust sleeve on the guide sleeve, push the support ring gently to install the support ring in place, and use the same method to install the piston rings.

  • Piston Ring Resetter

Due to the special nature of the material, the installed piston ring needs to be reset before it can be installed into the housing.

Slowly push the piston with the piston ring into the reset device, then pull it out to complete the reset. Be careful not to damage the piston ring.

  • High-pressure Oil Seal Installation Sleeve

Put the installation sleeve on the injector without oil seal. Put the replaced high-pressure oil seal on the installation sleeve. Gently push the oil seal or support ring with your hand to put it in place. Pay attention to install the upper oil seal of the injector first, then install the middle oil seal.

  • Oil Seal Driver

Remove the inner and outer oil seals to use.

  • T10 and T25 Torx Wrench

They are used to disassemble and install the solenoid valve fastening bolts and the spool valve pressure plate fastening bolts.

  • Grinding Rod

When replacing the spool valve core and diesel balance valve core, the grinding rod is used to remove the old valve core by grinding. Apply with 10000 mesh (No. 0.5) grinding sound   on the grinding rod, slide up and down and turn the grinding rod left and right to expand the inner hole and make it smooth to facilitate replacement of the oversized valve core.

  • Stroke Measuring Tool (XCLG-04)

Used to measure armature stroke, total armature stroke, C7C9 injector valve stroke, C-9 spool valve stroke.

Total Armature Stroke Measurement

Clamp the oil control valve in a bench vise, be careful not to clamp it too tightly, and put the stroke adjustment pad (aluminum pad) on it. Clear the measuring tool with a flat surface and place it on the control valve assembly. At this time the measured stroke is the installation stroke, the normal value of the installation stroke is 0.235-0.250mm. If the stroke value is wrong, replace the aluminum pad and adjust it. The total stroke parameters and measurement methods of the C7C9C-9 armature are the same.Armature Stroke Measurement

Place the measuring tool on the control valve assembly to clear it, and push it up with a 2-5m round rod. The normal value is 0.140-0.175mm. If it is out of the range, it is recommended to repair or replace it. C7C9C-9 armature stroke parameters and measurement methods are the same.

C7C9 SpoolValve Core Movement Stroke Measurement

Place the spool valve assembly on a flat surface. Clear the tool on the flat surface and place it on the spool valve. The measured stroke is the spool valve stroke, The normal value is 1.490-1.510mm. If it is incorrect, you can replace the valve core or replace the spool valve partition for adjustment.

C-9 Measurement of the Total Stroke of The SpoolValve Core Movement

Install the valve core and shell and place them on the platform only, return the value tozero on the plane, then put the measuring tool on the spool valve. The measured stroke at this time is the total stroke of the spool valve. The normal value is 2.100-2.200mm. If the total value is incorrect, replace the valve core and adjust it.

C-9 Spool ValveCore Movement Stroke

Place the positioning pin one-way valve ball, one-way valve ball limit plate, and the spool valve assembly without spring on the shell in sequence (make the pool valve push rod arc surface face the valve ball), make sure the measuring tool on the plane, return the value to zero, and place it on the spool valve assembly. The measured stroke valve is the spool valve stroke. The normal value is 1.200-1.300mm. If the parameters are incorrect, change the length of the spool valve push rod to adjust it.

  •  Stroke Measuring Tool (XCLG-01)

Used to measure the pre-installation height of solenoid valve and spool valve spring.

Measurement of The Pre-installation Height of The Solenoid Valve Spring

Place the control valve on the platform, place the aluminum pad, solenoid valve spring pad, and solenoid valve in sequence. At this time, the spring is higher than the flat surface. The normal value of C7C9 is about 1.650-1.730mm, C-9 normal value is about 1.750-1.830mm. If the pre-installation height is incorrect, adjust the solenoid valve spring pad.

Measurement of The Pre-assembly Height of the Spool ValveSpring

Place the fully assembled spool valve on the platform or the injector shell (C-9 should be placed on the injector shell). Make the measuring tool on the flat surface and return the valve to zero, then place it on the spool valve. The measured height is the pre-installed height of the spring. The pre-installed height of C7C9 is 0.450-0.550mm, and the pre-installed height of C-9 is 3.450-3.550mm. If the measured height is incorrect, replace the spring and adjust it.

  • Stroke measuring tool (XCLJ-05)

It is used to measure the nozzle needle valve stroke.

The needle valves of C7, C9 and C-9 are measured in the same way. Put the assembled injector assembly, injector partition, diesel valve assembly together with the injector nozzle spring and stroke limit pin into the needle valve stroke measuring tool. Make the measuring tool on the flat surface and return the valve to zero, then placed it end of the nozzle spring for measurement. The measured value is the nozzle needle valve stroke. The normal value is 0.250-0.270mm. When the stroke is not within the range, it can be adjusted by changing the length of the limit pin.


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