Causes to Damage of G2 Injectors and How to Prevent It

Causes to Damage of G2 Injectors and How to Prevent It

Causes to Damage of G2 Injectors

(1) Fail to operate according to engine maintenance manual during disassembly or installation, resulting in damage to G2 injectors.

(2) The fuel oil used for the vehicle does not meet the standard cause damage to the injector, such as the water content in the fuel oil exceeds the standard, iron powder, aluminum powder, sulfide impurities exceed the standard, etc.

(3) The engine is not regularly maintained according to the engine maintenance manual (please refer to the vehicle maintenance manual for the maintenance mileage). For example, long time no replacement of the lubricating oil of the engine system will cause abnormal wear of the engine, excessive exhaust gas volume or a large amount of carbon deposits inside the engine.

(4)The filter is not replaced during maintenance or the replaced filter cannot reach the original filter standard. all above reasons can cause damage to the injector.

(5)The abrasion of the oil pump produces iron powder and aluminum powder enter the fuel injector and cause damage to the fuel injector.

(6)The deformation and abrasion of fuel tank result in iron powder or aluminum powder entering the fuel injector and causing damage to the fuel injector.

(7)The fuel injector is damaged due to replacement or adjustment of the relevant parts of the fuel injector. For example, the valve clearance does not meet the standard after the engine is repaired, the replacement or modification of the wiring harness connected to the injector fails to meet the original standard.

(8)The engine is overheated and overloaded for a long time working results in damage to the fuel injector.

(9)The injector is damaged naturally at the end of its working life.

(10)The injector is magnetized (injector parts’ magnetic exceeded) causing the injector to not work properly.

How to Prevent the Damages to G2 Injectors

Before replacing G2 injectors, please check the engine parts carefully according to the engine maintenance manual to avoid the fuel injector being damaged again after replacement.


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