How to Install An Diesel Injector Nozzle?

How to Install An Diesel Injector Nozzle?

Diesel Injector Nozzle Introduction

An diesel injector nozzle is a crucial component in the fuel injection system of an internal combustion engine. It is responsible for delivering fuel into the combustion chamber in a highly atomized form for efficient combustion. Here's a brief overview of how an diesel injector nozzle works:

(1) Fuel Supply: The diesel injector nozzle receives pressurized fuel from the fuel pump or common rail.

(2) Opening and Closing: The diesel injector nozzle has a solenoid or piezoelectric valve that opens and closes in response to signals from the engine control unit (ECU).

(3) Atomization: When the diesel injector nozzle opens, fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber in a fine mist, creating a highly combustible air-fuel mixture.

How to Install Diesel Injector Nozzle

1. Clean the Diesel Injector Nozzle

(1) before installation, clean the diesel injector nozzle in an ultrasonic cleaner for 3-5 minutes so as to make the stains, dust, rust-proof oil oxides, paraffin base, naphthenic base, intermediate base, salt, lead naphthenate, zinc naphthenate, sodium petroleum sulfonate, barium petroleum sulfonate, calcium petroleum sulfonate, tallow diamine trioleate, rosinamine on the surface of the injector nozzle fall off.

(2) Use the high-pressure gas in the air pump to clean the cleaning fluid attached to the surface of the cleaned injector nozzle to make it meet the usage standards.

2. Check the Diesel Injector Nozzle

(1) Check the injector nozzle guide sleeve, spring, gasket, and tight cap to see if there is deformation, cracking, thread damage, quenching, air leakage, or rust. The tight cap of the injector nozzle must be replaced after being disassembled more than 5 times, as shown in the figure below.

(2) Replace the wearing parts injector nozzle tight cap and sealing copper gasket.

(3) Check whether the gap between the nozzle needle and the injector nozzle shell is within the standard range and meets the usage standards.

  • All component wear inspections should be viewed under a microscope at least 20 times magnification.

  • If there is deformation, cracking, thread damage, quenching, and air leakage on the tight cap of the injector nozzle, it will cause black smoke on the vehicle cap and damage to the diesel injector.

  • If the opening pressure of the injector is greater or less than the specified range, it may cause damage to the injector.

  • Failure to replace wearing parts in time during maintenance may result in damage to the injector.

3. Install the Diesel Injector Nozzle

When installing the diesel injector nozzle, the torque wrench and tightening torque specified in the diesel injector maintenance manual must be followed (88Nm).

  • The tightening torque of the injector nozzle cap must be installed according to the tightening torque specified in the injector maintenance manual.