SHUMATT's Opportunities and Anticipations at MIMS Automobility Moscow 2023

SHUMATT's Opportunities and Anticipations at MIMS Automobility Moscow 2023

 SHUMATT and MIMS Automobility Moscaw

In previous Automobility Moscow exhibitions, Shumatt has built a strong partnerships with Russian friends in automotive industry in Russia. This year, SHUMATT seeks to establish a stronger presence, foster mutually beneficial relationships, and explore new opportunities for growth in this dynamic region.

SHUMATT's Showcase of Revolutionary Products at MIMS

At MIMS Automobility Moscow 2023, SHUMATT proudly unveiled an impressive array of revolutionary products. Among the showcased products are HEUI series injectors and fuel pumps and their spare parts, G4 control valves and 625C control valves etc. These offerings garnered significant attention from industry professionals and customers alike, earning praise for their quality, performance, and reliability.

A Bright Path Ahead After MIMS

As the curtains will be closed on the MIMS Autommobility Moscow 2023, SHUMATT emerges with renewed vigor and a clearer vision for the future. The event will not only enable the company to strengthen its ties with the Russian market but also reaffirm its commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the automotive industry worldwide. SHUMATT looks forward to building upon the newly formed relationships and embarking on a prosperous journey together

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