Shumatt's Supplier Chain Conference and Meeting

Shumatt's Supplier Chain Conference and Meeting

Rescheduling of the Automechanika Shanghai Trade Fair

Due to epidemic prevention measures in China, Asia's largest trade fair for automotive parts — Automechanika Shanghai, originally scheduled for December 2022, was postponed to February 2023. On the 15th of February, 2023, this grand exhibition finally took place.

Shumatt's Pre-Fair Conference

Prior to the commencement of the trade fair, Shenzhen Shumatt Technology Co., Ltd made a significant move by hosting an engaging conference among China’s automotive parts suppliers. This was considered monumental due to Shumatt's 12 years of management and trading experience in the automotive parts industry, and its rise to leadership status within the diesel common rail system industry in just six years.

Shumatt's Appreciation Towards Suppliers

The conference served as an opportunity for Shumatt to express appreciation towards its suppliers, whose support has been instrumental in Shumatt's journey of growth and development. Thus, the event was more of a thanksgiving banquet than a mere communication meeting.

Shumatt's Conference Highlights

During the conference, Shumatt’s founder Mr. Li presented the company’s development history and shared insights into Shumatt’s marketing strategies. Representatives from each department further supplemented this with introductions to their respective areas of business. To make the event more engaging, Shumatt included entertaining shows and concluded the event with a toast speech by the leadership and a dinner party.

Memorable Moments from Shumatt’s Supplier Conference

The conference featured several entertaining elements such as a magic show, guest interactions, and a lucky draw activity.


The conference was a remarkable event where numerous businessmen gathered to share ideas aimed at furthering the development of the diesel common rail system and the automotive parts industry. Shumatt feels privileged to have hosted this significant event and is proud of the collective commitment towards the advancement of the common rail system and automotive parts industry.


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